Portland Neighborhoods

Portland has over 94 distinct neighborhoods, each with its own distinct flavor and vibe.  If you’re interested in getting a feel for one of these many neighborhoods, you’ve come to the right place!  This website page is literally a work in progress. Each month a new neighborhood will be added to the list, complete with a hand drawn map by my smart, talented and lovely daughter, Sophie Sengstake, and a brief overview of the neighborhood, with a real-estate related focus, of course!  If you’d like your neighborhood to be highlighted next or if you know of a special place in your neighborhood that you think should be called out or featured on the map, give me a holler.  I may be a Portland native, but I learn more about this city on a daily basis, especially in my line of work. And I am always looking to learn more!

1. Irvington

2. Sylvan Highlands