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"Katie is a rare find, because she will stay with you from the very first step all the way to the end. She keeps her finger on the pulse and does not miss a beat. She is your biggest support, knows the business, and is an excellent coach during the entire process! I cannot recommend her enough!"

I. Schwartzman

Buyer & Seller

"I loved working with Katie and hope to work with her again. She was knowledgeable, very responsive, and really on the ball throughout our search for and purchase of a new lot. I can't recommend her enough."

K. & P. Meyer


"Katie made our house sale so easy. From the very beginning she helped to develop a plan and then she helped us to execute it with precision. When any unexpected moments happened, she helped us breeze through it. That was the easiest house sale we have ever done!"

J. Horacek


"Katie was on it. We bought a condo in PDX last summer and it was a seller's market. Very tight and very tough. Katie was knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to work with. Not only would I recommend her...I actually just did!"

R. Hagen


"Katie was great to work with. She was understanding, and patient with us. We turned down a lot of houses, and she just kept bringing us more. Eventually we were able to fine the perfect investment properties. Wouldn't do it again without her."

S. Eddy


"We wanted to sell our house quickly and Katie was able to help us out with that. She gave us great ideas about where to spend money to get it ready to sell and we were able to get the house ready in a few weeks. She had it on the market and an offer came in the first day. She is honest, fair and really went all out for us. She is very personable and funny so it felt like we had our new best friend helping us out."

K. and J. Brown


"I have been fortunate to work with Katie for 2 home sales and one purchase. I will work with her again if/when it comes time for me to sell/aquire another home. Katie is super responsive. She is a great communicator and problem solver. I trust her personal knowledge and the expanded network she uses to support her in being an awesome realtor."

C. Driver

Seller & Buyer

"Sold my home after I'd already moved to East coast. Great neighborhood sense and interactive style. Took care of getting all house hold goods moved and all ends tied up. Effortless for me. A great person besides."

R. Simon


"Katie helped us navigate what was an extremely tight market. Lets put it this way, we had a LOT of needs and Katie didn't seem to waiver in her goal to get us in a happy house. Where she really shined though, was in the mortgage process and dealing with a very difficult lender. During this arduous, inefficient process, I was out of the country a good deal of the time and Katie held everything together."

J. Ichter


About Katie

Katie has over 18 years in residential real estate sales experience. She specializes in selling homes (condominiums, town homes, and single family homes alike) in the close-in east and west side Portland neighborhoods.

Katie lives in SW Portland, in the Hillsdale neighborhood, with her husband, three kids (who attend Robert Gray Middle School and Wilson High School), two dogs and one cat.

Katie's approach to real estate is, by necessity, both businesslike and relational. The process of selling a home brings together a group of very diverse individuals, each with their own set of expectations, priorities, objectives, values, past experiences, and personal circumstances, in order to execute what is for most people the single largest financial transaction they will make in their lifetime. The combination of all these personalities (Realtors, mortgage brokers, escrow officers, home inspectors, buyers and sellers alike), high emotions, and high business stakes makes for an intensely charged and complex experience to navigate. To guide the process through to a successful conclusion, a Realtor needs both strong business and strong interpersonal skills. She needs to have a firm knowledge and understanding of the market, a high level of professionalism and objectivity, as well as refined social and communication skills.

Success for Katie and for her clients comes through an armory of information on the current market, recent sales, and relevant real estate-related issues; frequent, open communication; well- defined objectives; and tireless effort.

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Contact Katie

c: 503.504.6225
o: 503.416.3382
a: 1220 NW Lovejoy St, Suite 130
    Portland, OR 97209
    Licensed in OR (#200310074)
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