Uncategorized Trusting Numbers Recently I listened to a great episode of the Ted Radio Hour on NPR.  The episode was entitled: Can We Trust the Numbers. Numbers and statistics tend to lend credibility to claims and assertions.  But numbers can be skewed in so many ways.  The cherry-picking and manipulation of raw data can be used to spin […]
Uncategorized Cohabitation at Any Age Solo living is becoming more difficult for younger generations, especially for millennials who are struggling to afford rising home prices. Shared living, such as cohabitating with roommates or parents, is a way to cut down on costs and living expenses—a route many young professionals are choosing to take. But millennials are not the only ones […]
Uncategorized Impact of Final Tax Reform Bill on Oregon Real Estate Although Oregon isn’t often included in references to high tax states, we are not far from the top of the list.  Oregon ranks #7 in highest average income taxes paid per state.  With the reduction of state and local tax deductions (SALT) on your federal income tax return down to a maximum deduction of $10,000, […]
Uncategorized Update: Real Estate Related Changes in Final Tax Bill The final tax bill passed by Congress in December of 2017 included a couple of last minute, final revisions to the real estate related changes outlined in my previous post.  The tax reform had threatened to increase the amount of time required by homeowners to live in a home in order to avoid capital gains […]
Uncategorized Impacts of Proposed Tax Reforms on Real Estate The current versions of both the house and senate tax reform proposals include changes that will impact the real estate market.  The biggest impacts will come from changes to 1) the mortgage interest deduction; 2) capital gains exemptions; and 3) local property tax deductions. Under the proposals, allowable mortgage interest deductions will be reduced from […]
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